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More than 800 million people can call themselves Europeans: from Finland to Malta and from Iceland to Azerbaijan. Their cultures and societies have all been influenced by the Roman Empire, Christianity, Enlightenment and two World Wars. This communal history has not led to one European culture. The importance of God, the value of leisure time, the significance of having children and the disapproval of homosexuality all differ enormously between countries. The difference and similarities of values were made visible on this website of the Atlas of European Values.

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In the menu, under "European maps" and "World maps", you will find maps and charts prepared for the European Values Study and World Values Study of values and standards in Europe and the world. Under "assignments" you will find various assignments that can be used in the classroom or for independent work. More information about this is available in the "Teacher information" and "Pupil information". You can post a message in the contact area if you would like to come into contact with another school in order to work together on assignments relating to the "Atlas of European Values".

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