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You are visiting the website of the Atlas of European Values. On this website, results from the European Values Study (www.europeanvalues.nl) are made available for educational use in the form of maps and charts. This website is part of a project at TilburgUniversity and FontysTeacherTrainingCollege in Tilburg.

In the database , you will find European maps (including the
Maghreb countries) and maps of the World. The world maps are based on data of the World Values Survey (www.worldvaluessurvey.org). The maps are organised by topic: politics, religion, well-being, work, family, Europe and society.
It is also possible to make a map yourself in which you combine various data (for example, to investigate in which European countrywomen’s emancipation has progressed furthest). First you select several maps give an answer to your question, for example “woman as a single parent”, “important for successful marriage: sharing household chores”, relationship working mother ”and “being a housewife just as fulfilling”. You select these maps on the left side. Perhaps you think that the last map doesn’t fit to your question: to you, being a housewife is not a sign of emancipation at all. In that case, you click on the right side and the scoring of the question will be reversed. After choosing “Compose results from selection”, a new map will appear:

Under “assignments” (on the top of the page) you will find assignments that you can make with help of this website or with maps of this website. These assignments are sorted by school subject.  

If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us: mail@atlasofeuropeanvalues.eu
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